The Biggest of the Biggest – Stephen Booth

A great article from Fishing Monthly on BIG COD Lures

Written by Stephen Booth from Wilson’s Fishing and insight from CODMAC himself Rod Mackenzie. The article includes a lure depth diving chart which makes for very interesting reading. If you’re new to Cod fishing this is a must read!


Lure: 130mm Mohawk
Manufacturer: Mudeye

The MoHawk is a wide-bodied lure that sports an interesting stripe of hair down its back, making this unique in a field big lures.

Diving between 20-40 feet, the MoHawk 130 was created specifically for large cod in deep water. With its roots in the New England area, the MoHawk has taken fish all throughout the range of Murray cod and the 130 comes rigged with 6H split rings and 4/0 Eagle Claw trebles.

Five colours in the range make the MoHawk more than just a conversation piece in your tackle box, it’s a serious Murray cod catching tool.

Lure: 170mm Mohawk
Manufacturer: Mudeye

With recent upgrades in the size of lures acceptable to anglers targeting Murray cod, Jamie Flett upsized his 130mm MoHawk to a massive 170mm MoHawk.

Exhibiting all the fish catching characteristics of the 130mm MoHawk, the 170mm version is a very serious lure designed for very serious fish. Diving to and sometime beyond 40 feet, the wide action allows the 170mm MoHawk to shuffle through snags and it positive buoyancy allows it to back up and over the most serious of tree heads in deep water.

Rigged ultra-heavy for anglers using serious tackle, the 170mm MoHawk takes the next step up into big fish appeal.

Lure: The big one
Manufacturer: Mudeye

The Big One is an oversized version of the popular Mudeye lure The One.

At 130mm body length and diving to an impressive 30 feet, The Big One is a classic bony bream shaped lure that will be available in 8 fishy colours. With the ability to be cast or trolled, The Big One is rigged with large cod in mind with 4/0 Eagle Claw hooks and 6h split rings ensuring big fish will be landed.

With a tighter swimming action than other Mudeye Lures, The Big One is a fantastic addition to the range as it provides diversity in action and may just be what’s needed to get he big fish to play.

Lure: Popeye
Manufacturer: Mudeye

The Popeye is a wide body lure that is capable of diving between 25-28 feet. The action is best described as a typically wide, cod action and is a firm favourite with many New England cod fishers.

There are five colours in the range that vary from attractor colours to more neutral colours and designer Jamie Flett says the Popeye was specifically designed for cod.

Fitted out with 4/0 VMC treble hooks and 6H split rings these lures are ready to fish straight out of the box.

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